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Bespoke also available.


Get your idea into the hands of a potential buyer in days with a design sprint.

It's never been easier to create and test your core value propositions with real users.  I conduct 3 & 7 day sprints with and can source a range of external experts to enhance any objective.


I have loved being a Serial Entrepreneur for over 30 years. Advising thousands of startups and having sold and exited 8 companies of my own I have a lot of expereince I am happy to share with others beginning their own journey in business.

before you book a call...

Something I learned early in life: I only take advice from someone that have actually "done it" and succeeded.  300+ people have endorsed my skills and  a number of them kindly offered to write recommendations. But you are the best judge as to whether my unique expereince and skillset is well suited to drive your business forward. Checkout my Linkedin profile for more details about me, and feel free to connect if you have questions.